Independence Day Pakistan 

Since 1947, every year on August 14 to celebrate Pakistan's Independence Day. In the Urdu language, it is called Youm-E - Azadi Pakistan. Pakistan's Independence Day celebrations, the Indian Muslims to obtain the freedom from British rule. Independence Day celebration, with all the major cities of the fireworks, and the ceremony began. Throughout the country to organize various exhibitions and cultural activities. Quaid - E - Azam the founder and great leader of Pakistan Muslim League, struggling until the last minute changing of the guard ceremony takes place on the hills in Pakistan

In schools and other educational institutions for children, singing patriotic songs and the current heading and other activities. Important buildings and places are lit up. The start of the day to provide the people of Pakistan in Islamabad statement and address, and let them remember Quaid - E-Azam message. A time fixed for the Pakistani national anthem, when everyone stood up to sing the national anthem.

Tips for Making Antique Jewelry Last Longer

Although there are fashion jewelry, sterlng gold and silver jewelry and cubic zirconia jewelry, the most invaluable species are those already in possession of our family for many years.

Antique jewelry, heirlooms have been passed.

From one generation to the next. These are the living witnesses, what the family has gone through over the years. Here are some ways to take care of your antique jewelry:

Know what it is made​​. Jewelry from silver, gold, chromium, copper, stainless steel, bronze, and copper, pearls or other precious stones.

Jewelrysterling antique silver, Swarovski crystal, or cubic zirconia jewelry to be worn on a daily weekly cleaning. Pendants, bracelets, rings or other jewelry, only at special occasions, etc. should be cleaned as soon as you drive them off. When you wear your jewelry should determine the frequency of how often you should clean it.

Do not use a vacuum cleaner, has been destroyed ammonia, vinegar, or any other acid or alcohol. This may be corrosion or damage your jewelry.

Avoid using soap and water when cleaning your antique jewelry. These may leave a dull residue, stain or dull jewelry.

Direct water pressure, or a window cleaning solution, do not put your jewelry wholesale. Pressure may damage the adhesive glue and stone may fall off.

Use a soft toothbrush. Because jewelry is fragile, with a soft toothbrush to clean your earrings, bracelets, brooches, or necklaces of dust and dirt will not damage your jewelry. You can also use a very soft cloth to clean your gemstone jewelry.

As long as you have completed cleaning, thoroughly dry your jewelry wholesale. The damp or wet, to avoid their boxes.

Finally, to prevent scratching other jewelry, so that they in separate bags or boxes. Cloth can also be used to store jewelry.

On the Birth Anniversary of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

No artist from Pakistan has attained worldwide fame like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan did, who was born this day 63 years ago in the city of Lyallpur (now known as Faisalabad), Pakistan. He was not only a Qawwal but also a renowned Pakistani musician who is even considered one of the greatest singers ever recorded in the world.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan came from a family of Qawwals and gave his first public performance at the age of 16. In the 80s, he became one of the leading qawwals from Pakistan and by the 90s had attained worldwide fame due to his Dam Mast Qalandar and other renditions. His Mast Nazron Se Allah Bachaye, Kisi Da Yaar Na Bichde and many other songs also became hits, and prompted renowned poet Javed Akhtar from India to team up with him and release Sangam in the 90s.

He was also famous outside the Indian subcontinent and teamed up with many celebrities including Peter Gabriel (Soundtrack of The Last Temptation of Christ – 1985), Canadian musician Michael Brook (Mustt Mustt – 1990 and Night Song – 1996), and with Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder in 1995 on the soundtrack of Dead Man Walking. One of his songs ("The Long Road") from Dead Man Walking was re-used on the soundtrack for Eat, Pray, Love in 2010. Nusrat also contributed to the soundtrack of Natural Born Killers whereas collaborated with Roger White in Shekhar Kapoor’s Bandit Queen. His Bollywood movies as a musician included Aur Pyar Hogaya and Kachche Dhaage and both the movies had amazing songs. Many of his songs were used by different musicians including Nadeem Sharvan in Dhadkan. The song Doolhe Ka Sehra Suhana Lagta Hai was to be picturized on Khan sahab but was instead filmed on legendary actor Kader Khan … since the movie got released three years after Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s death!

In his career spanning over 25 years, he managed to achieve laurels in and abroad Pakistan. He received the Pride of Performance Award from the President of Pakistan for his contribution to Pakistani music while in 1995, received the UNESCO Music Prize.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan died on the same day as Elvis Priestley. He was taken ill with kidney and liver failure on August 11, 1997 in London, England while on the way to Los Angeles to receive a kidney transplant. He died of a sudden cardiac arrest at Cromwell Hospital, London, on Saturday, August 16, 1997, aged 48. Like Elvis, he died young and like the King, his legacy continues years after his death.


It was observed that some countries with advanced technology, they can not prove that all over the world. For example, we can not underestimate the importance and significance of natural resources, because it plays an important role in order to connect with the world, all of the maritime transport technology will be useless, for such a country does not facilitate the use of the sea terminal. Nowadays have access to all resources is very important. With the help of technology, people can find possible substitutes and alternates, but they can not use, can not have the same benefits, because they directly from them.

The nature of the person's efforts can be considered without interruption, but the natural resources of all the things have been found in any one country of the most useful and helpful resources. These three resources, oceans, forests and deserts. All of these people need to have equal importance, is said to be discussing the success of any country. Any lack of these resources, you can feel the discomfort of a country, and not only this, but any shortfall will force a country to get them from any other country and their customers the same behavior.

The sea is not in any country of the importance of progress, almost all of the heavy machinery and transportation equipment is through the port and any country does not have such facilities, handling and other parts of the world as part of other countries, in this case, The country will need to find a proper solution, so that their problem-solving around the country to use any port. To this end, the country will have to pay a heavy, because she will make use of the harbor.

On the other hand, the forest needs to be assessed, just sitting in your home or office work, around your face turned to the right to left, then you can find a lot of equipment, tools, and project from the wood and to all of these wooden things, Woods is required, have been taken from the forest. May lead to a shortage of forest of any country to import large quantities of wood or wood products made from abroad, in the country's trade and balance of payments adversely affected.

On the other hand, the forest needs to be assessed, just sitting in your home or office work, around your face turned to the right to left, then you can find a lot of equipment, tools, and project from the wood and to all of these wooden things, Woods is required, have been taken from the forest. May lead to a shortage of forest of any country to import large quantities of wood or wood products made in the last but not least, the desert is not considered as many useful resources, forests and oceans, but now can evaluate the importance of the desert , there is a large area covered by desert, because these countries have more oil and to fulfill not only their own needs, but also export large quantities of oil and electricity profit.that will adversely affect the country's trade and balance of payments.

Tourist Guide

If you are the one who is willing to go to many different places to spend your weekends and your holidays, you should take any guide the region's tourism service providers, where there are willing to help you stay a few days or weeks, along with your relatives or your friends. Considering Pakistan, as local spending weekends or holidays, will be one of the most appropriate choice, because there are different factors that you will find support.Usually people do not think the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, due to different reasons of access and leisure options, but in fact, the reality is that all of these proverbs and myths from people who are completely different. Islamic Republic of Pakistan has depressed some of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the war against terrorism has been playing an important role in the name of the terrorist activities of the enemy. In the world rankings, in the name of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is considered to be highly affected areas in the world list, but despite all of these things, all the tourist attractions are in the hands and the Pakistani army to save completely safe. If we go with a glance at the past few decades, so we will be able to list the border in Pakistan is difficult for any loss of tourists a few names. This is why, from Pakistan's beautiful and attractive place, he will not be a smart decision-making example.On the other hand, tourism has been promoted in Pakistan, considered to be very cost effective compared to other countries the same region. There are some places you will be able to visit and take a few minutes, once you have decided where your holiday spending, Pakistan. Pakistani people are very enthusiastic, very cute, in all manners and their traditions, also has some very special visitors and tourists. Gathering in the evening and gossips, exchange ideas and opinions different things is very attractive to new things people are very few. Pakistan, the country's most famous one of the things is that they are very kind, hospitable, and the highest stage, they are considering.They received their guests with open arms, do not let them think there is a strange action. In addition to these, also found that many different things, and play an important role, first of all, it is not the wisdom of such a large range of shame some of the negative factors, the favorable conditions and favorable factors.

Games in Pakistan

There are many things, success in a country play an important role. To assess a slight thing, people often do, there are the two most important factors that contribute to success in a country the largest part, these are the national health care and education services. It is understood that more emphasis on a healthy environment, will bring out more positive and effective results in education in different areas. According to the Research Committee, playing the same game in the important role of these two sectors, both in order to live healthy and active life, or in research and education effective.
This is a kind of Pakistan, Pakistan's national youth talent and has proven itself a long time in different games. They are very talented in many different games, but rarely, it is in Pakistan played a great game, cricket, hockey and tennis. Pakistan's national game is hockey, but the intention to appeal and who has the game to stimulate and surprise because, in addition to the instructions on the cricket, table tennis, badminton, tennis and many other games also found that one of the representative of Pakistan also found. World's most famous game, football has not been the international level has not yet begun to fight, but it is also the most efficient game by the Pakistani youth.
As Pakistan's national competition, Pakistan players have extra ordinary achievement in the hockey field. Pakistan hockey team has a talent, the face of great teamwork and the use of tactical problems and difficulties in any situation. Pakistan hockey's history is also the name of the World Cup tournament in Pakistan has shown a positive impact, has been listed on the hockey World Cup winners Pakistan won the hockey World Championship four times, which is more than any other team at the top of the other , the Pakistan hockey team has achieved second place, after the most critical game of the two largest teams.
Pakistan squash is not considered as a national competition, but different from other countries, Pakistan has achieved the Men's World Squash Open tournament was the largest. Pakistan Pakistan has acquired those two players in the men's World Open Squash Championship victory and the largest of these 8 and 6 respectively, and they appear in this event nine times and 14 squash and Jansher Khan and Jahangir Khan's name Victory in the rest of the match, they finished second.

NadiaKhan to host morning T.V show on Dunya News now

 Pakistan's well-known actress, host and morning show host Nadia Khan will soon be seen on the news Dunya, a new morning show host, this name is not disclosed.

Nadia Khan, who won great respect from her face Nadia Khan Show Geo TV ban last year on his show, and she brought some personal issues Filmstar Noor and her husband on the screen. Noor's husband Vikram the matter, and indeed according to the law in court, the Dubai government. Nadia Khan show to impose the ban. (Details on controversial issues, can be found here in this Sehrish after Raja: guilt pleasure - I see Nadia Khan show).

Now, more than years later, she is planning a comeback, claiming that her morning program in the world status. This time, however, the media group would not really be the same, because it (Geo TV) also have a morning television show host - Shaista Wahidi - replacing Nadia Khan.The news buzzing around the Na Diaz Khan has signed a contract Dunya News Network, she will soon host a new morning TV show (now Dunya no morning television programs). Nadia Khan show, used to record and broadcast from Dubai, will now be recorded from Lahore, Pakistan.

Nadia Khan rumors also will enjoy a salary of up to PKR 3.5 meters (thirty-fifth lakh), which will make Pakistan pay-TV industry, she was a high degree of morning television show host.

Ali Zafar with Katrina Kaif, Imran Khan in Mere Brother Ke Dulhan (Official Wallpapers)

Official released today by Yash Raj Film for ’s upcoming bollywood movie “Mere Brother Ke Dulhan”.

Love Mein Ghum - Pakistani Film

Reema Khan is lucky to have come forward and Luxembourg, sponsor of her film "Love me Ghum" which is released this holiday corporate giants, fashion central.

Love "My Ghum expected, bringing fresh air and a typical Lollywood cinema romantic breeze. Movie stars with Nadeem, under Baxie He, MOMI frog, GIA Ali, Nabeel Khan, Rambo, Ali Salim and Po Hollywood actor Johnny lever actress and pop feel of the songs title track, dazzling style make designer Nomi Ansari and inspired dress glamorous array of flashy town, the film seems to be a pure chocolate from the reality of romantic films.

A large number of media figures, entertainers, MOMI frog, Resham, Nadeem, Johnny Rod, the next Baxie He, Nabeel Khan, Sahiba and Rambo attended the opening reporters in Karachi. Love "My gums during the holiday season, in all the city's leading theater will be screening every day of the time monitoring.

Aisam-ul-Haq Got Engaged With Faha

A renowned Tennis Star of Pakistan  Aisam-ul-Haq got engaged......... 

Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi got engaged to Faha Akmal Makhdum on Saturday in Lahore.
The ceremony was attended by close friends and family.
The couple will get married in December this year.

MUMBAI: Pakistani actress Veena Malik is all set to make her Bollywood debut. Official sources in a Versova, Mumbai incident, Geographic News reported.

Participants from the famous Salman Khan hosted reality show Bigg Boss 4, Veena Malik speculated Ashmit Patel for her romantic relationship with the headlines. Veena Bollywood debut is not surprising, because the Bigg Boss in India, she earned a considerable fan base.

Her debut film has been rated Daal Meet Kuch Kaala Hai. BUZZ that, Veena will play a dual role in the film.

Meet Kuch Kaala Hai Daal directly from the Aanand Balraj, Deepak Balraj's brother. Deepak has directed the film Hafta Bandh.

It is worth mentioning that, although the Veena by her film acting debut, Aanand Balraj is his directorial debut! Aanand was an actor, and Subhash Ghai as HR, Khalnaayak, Saudgar and see a variety of short-term role in the film Pardes.

Mera Pakistan Culture

Pakistan's culture is very different. This stems from the fact that what is now Pakistan     in the past been invaded and many different nationalities, including the White Huns, Persians, Arabs, Turks, Mongols and various Eurasian groups occupied. There are cultural differences among, such as clothing, food and various ethnic and religious affairs, especially in the indigenous pre-Islamic customs different from the practice of Islam.


People In Pakistan 

In Pakistan people are very, very much linked to family ties, or where they live or just friendships together. Especially in Lahore. They live in extended family, and very like the British family background proud. Only this bond that exists between our people who maintain the interests of others above personal interests.
Western concept of the club is so well implemented, they were asked to a community center, five times a day, which is called the mosque the people of Pakistan the local culture. If we are to say we pray five times a day and meet these people who live in the same community and social networking. Then a community center in every social gathering and also to further listen to country preaching.
Explore Pakistani culture
"Culture" can be defined in many different ways. Culture can be defined as human-specific behavior, together with material objects used. Culture, language, ideas, values, attributes, beliefs, customs, laws and regulations, systems, tools, engineering and art, religion, law, morality, decency and festivals.According Muller layer, culture can be regarded as "definition of culture is a The total means "achievement and progress.

Pakistani culture and people of Pakistan salient features:
Pakistan is a Muslim country, Islam is the official religion. Islam is the religion claimed by Pakistan.Pakistani and cultures can implement "mixed cultures," said. While most people are born in Pakistan and the Muslim faith, there is a Hindu culture strongly influenced by the current Palestinian culture. This effect is quite the shadow of the marriage ceremony, like "Basant" festival visible. Marriage of girls, dowry system and to do the heavy expenditure, which is inherited from the Indian society, because in the Hindu society, there is no women's share of the inheritance of their parents. Although women's access to their parents share in the inheritance of Pakistani society, but also great for her daughter's marriage expenses. English is the official language of Pakistan, but the national language is Urdu, which is widely used and understood throughout the country. Punjabi, Pushto, Sindhi, Baluchi and Kashmiri are the regional languages. Pakistani society is a "male-oriented society", where they receive full protection and great respect. By a male family member, usually the oldest male members of the group. He guided the other members. Old people are given the prestige, honor and respect for Pakistan's cultural fronts.
Social life is simple. Social customs and traditions reflect Islamic touch: people are very concerned about their social awareness and feel in traditional Muslim society like Pakistan proud in the following them.Dress design, and intended to cover the body, as nudity is prohibited by Islam. Therefore, the people of Pakistan prefer to wear simple clothes according to their climate.
Pakistani handicrafts are gaining increasing popularity of the world market day, as Pakistani craftsman are as they consider the best of craftsmanship. Pakistan is famous for the high glass, silver, wooden furniture, ceramics, marble products and things made of camel leather standard items.
Cricket, hockey, football, Kabbadi, squash, badminton and wrestling is Pakistan.Ulema, Mushaikh and Sufi poets occupy honored places in Pakistan Pakistan culture.People are very simple and humble people of the Islamic major sports events. The image of Islam portrayed Islam as a religion of terrorism is the last name tarnished. In Pakistan, you can clearly see a real simple and pure person, based on the image and understanding of the true Islam. Pakistan Islamic Association to run around the rule rather than the people to understand Islam very well, but at least try to do as much as they can as well.
The following things to know about the people in Pakistan:
The people's national dress is Shalwar Kameez
National language is Urdu, the official language is English, regional language is an example of many in Punjab Punjab, the letter De Xindi in Balochistan or Baluchistan Brahwi
In Pakistan people are very, very much linked to family ties, or where they live or just friendships together. Especially in Lahore. They live in extended family, and very like the British family background proud. Only this bond that exists between our people who maintain the interests of others above personal interests.
Western concept of the club is so well implemented, they were asked to a community center, five times a day, which is called the mosque the people of Pakistan the local culture. If we are to say we pray five times a day and meet these people who live in the same community and social networking.
Then a community center in every social gathering and also to further listen to country preaching.


Madar-i-Millat, Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah

Madar I - Millat, Fatima really shell, Miss Fatima Jinnah, the young Quaid - I - Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah's sister, was born in 1893. Seven brothers and sisters of history, she is closest to the Quaid. Jinnah as his father, her guardian, died in 1901. Since her brother's interests, despite strident family opposition, Miss Fatima received excellent early education. Bandera her convent in 1902. In 1919, she was sent to Calcutta in the highly competitive university, she attended Dr. Ahmad Dental College. After she qualified, Jinnah together to open her dental clinic in Bombay, and help her set up in 1923, its concept.
Miss Fatima Jinnah, the first eight years of living with her brother, until about 1918, I married Rutanbai. When February Rutanbai1929 death ended her Miss Jinnah Clinic, moved into Jinnah's bungalow, and is responsible for his house, began a lifelong partner, September 11, 1948, Jinnah's death.


Pakistan is an atomic force and is located in southern Asia, the Islamic countries.It has four provinces and a number of different parts of the world famous, like several mountains and human things. India, Pakistan has been isolated, such as India, China, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iran and several of its neighbors inexplicable. It is located in such a way, because it is the Arabian Sea also said that in the Arabian Sea, offers from all over the world's biggest advantage in the trading thing is nearly 660 miles border with Pakistan. Located in northern Pakistan, commendable striking appearance, several of the world's most famous mountains like Najiabate and K2. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, Sindh, Balochistan, KPK and Punjab provinces, with separate capital Karachi and Lahore, the two main channels, is handled by the air traffic. May also be from Iran to Pakistan and India, Pakistan, tourist train, find the appropriate channels, to help people pick from one side. Hyderabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Faisalabad, Gawadar Sialkot Pakistan and some other famous cities. Islamic Republic of Pakistan of all natural resources, such as coastal, forest and desert for three days.
Allow the economy to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Because it is well known, only 60 years of independence, which is why Pakistan is considering developing the world's economic base. There are many different factors that contribute to a strong national economic stage. Although it took a very short time-independent, Pakistan's economy has been regarded as the greatest 27, the world's leading economy and people's purchasing power based on economic statistics.
In hand, there are some dark side, Pakistan to stop growth, countries in the world, its name list, the strongest economies. This is an unfortunate since the independence of Pakistan, Islamic Republic of Pakistan is not stable and a certain political conditions for the next decade. In Pakistan, political parties have found huge amounts of interference. However, this interference to stop foreign investment, because people do not want to invest in a country without political stability, which is political instability.
If the key elements of these factors and take measures to eliminate these barriers will be treated as Pakistan's economy, the world's strongest economies.


Health Care Facilities in Pakistan 

There are many different factors, indicating that they achieve a good sign and a good level of success of any country involved. International Council of any country listed the health and education as the way to the pillars of success. Pakistan has also been the focus of these two industries it is still developing the list and every year a large number of health and wealth loss is made by criminal and terrorist activities, despite being all depressed, but the negative external hidden hands Pakistan has been gradually in health care facilities. It is useless to discuss, Pakistan has not kept proper channels to facilitate awareness and health services, a comprehensive and coordinated national. Dedicated sufficient budget amount is the annual health care service industries, almost used in the most effective manner. In Pakistan there are many different channels to play their roles, providing health care facilities in Pakistan, for example, government agencies, the private sector, semi-government health care centers, private clinics, research. This is correct, if any country has healthy youth, so in the end, it will not be setbacks hinder the road to success, will also compete, unless it is successful. This is the way the Government to pay the appropriate measures to promote a healthy environment, and in Pakistan, a large number of hospitals, medical centers, clinics, medical schools and more organizations have provided free of cost to serve the whole of Pakistan country. In almost all cities and regions of Pakistan, there are government hospitals or any other possible medical service providers, is to promote people. In addition to medical services, government agencies, there are many different reputation and trust of the private sector in Pakistan is also conducive to health-care services, but these are owned by private owners, which is why they are against any treatment costs. There are private hospitals in almost all large and heavy and densely populated urban areas of Pakistan, especially in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and other parts of Pakistan, a large range. When things do not control these institutions, private and government health care healthcare hospitals and charitable institutions, and non-governmental organizations, another possibility to help. In Pakistan, non-governmental organizations and charitable hospitals are running, and many celebrities, they are not responsible for any service they provide to their patients even a penny. Non-governmental organizations and charities, not only takes up than the average hospital, but there are many specialized medical institutions, which they owned. 


Banking and Finance in Pakistan 

 In other countries, over the past few years, there is a tremendous progress and change in Pakistan's banking and financial sector. This is a back bone for all countries, it is the growth of the country's industrial sector to provide favorable conditions for the most important factor. Any country's banking and financial system in the movement of many industrial and commercial departments of different functions and processes routine and special tasks. Countries, has a good banking and financial system, also give priority to those foreigners are willing to invest in different countries in the safest way to profit on investment. Foreign investment are more likely than their money, such flows because of their economic impact from their country to ensure that investment. Of the main areas in Pakistan, there are many different commercial banks and central banks in Pakistan under the guidance of State Bank of Pakistan State Bank of Pakistan. State Bank of Pakistan is only considered issuing currency, and adopted countries, while maintaining an appropriate demand and money supply, to keep all foreign currency into local currency, they put forward their own institutional needs of the resource is also considered the State Bank of Pakistan task. On the other hand, Pakistan's main commercial banks, the financial sector by the hands of nature, based on two possible categories, in order to evaluate different commercial banks are. This classification has been based on the recognition and registration of commercial banks to the country's central bank. There are two commercial banks, first of all scheduled commercial banks, on the other hand, two non-scheduled commercial banks. If the commercial banks to comply with the rules and regulations, which is set by the State Bank of Pakistan, so in this case, the bank will be called the scheduled commercial banks. People and especially businessmen will have more confidence in these banks and commercial banks in Pakistan, 99% of correct program and registration from the Central Bank of Pakistan. On the other hand, if not set any commercial banks to comply with the rules and regulations in this case, the Pakistani central bank, commercial banks will be called non-scheduled commercial banks. Merchants did not indicate their intentions for dealing with such banks, and ordinary people also believe that they do not trust and unreliable.