Education in Pakistan by the Ministry of Education and the provincial government's supervision of government ministries, the federal government primarily in curriculum development, evaluation and funding some research assists.

General education system in Pakistan is divided into five levels: primary (grades one-fifth); intermediate (grades 6-8), high (grades 9 and 10, leading school certificate or SSC); intermediate (level 11 ten two, resulting in higher secondary schools (schools) certificate or HSC); and leading university undergraduate and graduate degree programs

Literacy rate in Islamabad from 87-20%, in Kohlu areas.  of 2000 to 2004, in the 55-64 age group by nearly 30 percent of Pakistanis literacy rate between the ages of 45-54 people a literacy rate of nearly 40% between the ages of 25 to 34 people 50% literacy rate, and 15 to 24 age group more than 60% literacy rate. These data show that every generation, in Pakistan's literacy rate increased by about 10%. Literacy rates vary by region, especially by gender. Female literacy rate in the tribal areas was 7.5%.  In addition, the British quickly spread in Pakistan, 18 million Pakistanis  (11% of the population)  in English, which makes it the ninth largest English national command in the world and third in Asia big market. The most important thing is that Pakistan produces about 445,000 college graduates and 10,000 computer science graduates each year. Despite these statistics, Pakistan is still there in the world, one of the highest illiteracy rate.

Through distance education around the world was incredible and in the past few years the phenomenal growth. Distance education is rapidly growing popularity throughout the world. Distance education of millions of people around the world in both developed and less developed literacy. Distance Education studies the human body to allow the institutional separation from specific participants. In addition, people can get anywhere and at any time in the world of distance education. In distance education, planned and regular classroom tutorial limited number of these classes is generally not a required course. In addition, people can complete the course without having to set foot in a particular institution. Each communications technology development and growth of people, in recent years through distance education has become more easy and convenient. Everyone knows that there are many benefits or advantages of distance education. It allows people to be more liberal in all aspects, such as:

What is Distance Learning

1. Timing: Every time he / she likes people who can be studied.
2. Location: one can study whatever he / she wishes.
3. Time: one can learn, as long as he / she likes.
4. Pace: fast or slow people can or because he / she wishes to study.

In addition, the study of distance education materials, people like buses and trains. The question now is whether people face any difficulty in learning the type of distance education? In the past, there has been a variety of communication problems, but advances in technology, these problems have been eliminated. People should keep in mind the distance learner, he / she will need a higher level of self-organization and self-motivation. The demand for distance education from a more independent and self-directed. In the case of distance education, its duty and responsibility of people to meet deadlines, to meet the course requirements. If the person behind it is very difficult to catch, so people should be ready in his / her research self-organization and self-discipline. Distance education major and important advantage is that people can save time, select the option of distance education.


Education - Resources - Pakistan

We usually find someone who is willing to go abroad or to complete their studies or to obtain higher education. They believe that, although living in Pakistan, we can not even get any and prestigious educational institutions around the world. This is just the so-called knowledge and ignorance of the world the lack of what is happening. Knowledge is the only thing to help in the decision-making and the development of misconceptions and negative thinking, I must say here that our education system and media in the incremental and knowledge and a lot of time-descending a vital role , a firm understanding of development and people also begin to review any TV show or TV show I believe.
There are many useful, prestigious and useful as website can provide you with all universities, schools and even the whole list of national institutions. This means that there are resources available, but what is that one is how to use those resources. I must say that this is their guardians and teachers have the responsibility to teach them what is right and what is wrong, what is in their favor, and what is not, but because of the lack of proper guidance, you can even your own, see how many young people in the use of Internet resources, how many people treat as access to knowledge and access to different knowledge and information, such as other Internet site sources of information.
Students and young people are not providing adequate and sufficient guidance so that they can set their future goals, make their way advantageous. It is useless as a low-level institutions in Pakistan institutions, but in practice they do not. This is correct, there are institutions who accept students who have a very low profile and low-level classification of education records, but on the other hand, there are many different institutions and even does not accept students who have less than 70% or 80% of the marks couples. It is a matter of how much we have many resources available, do we, if you are providing proper guidance, you can declare as your career with a lot of help in any field, so you can not only list All the names of technical schools and colleges in Pakistan, but you can also find all of the university, which is a list of different regions in Pakistan.
Pakistan is a green country, Pakistan, countries do not reflect their hard work into a green dream. This is our origin, it is acceptable, but few have interference, why do we forget the real reason that we are interfering. If we do not stop the abuse of the educational system of Pakistan, no one else can. Access choose the way of your future.

Language bias in education and ethnocracy

Education in Pakistan, Urdu and English languages​​. Urdu is Pakistan's national language, the language is first and initial development in neighboring Uttar Pradesh, India. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of the language was chosen as the national language, there is no relationship between faith, it was taken in India, Pakistan, Muhajir Urdu immigrants partition. Urdu quickly dominated the political landscape of Pakistan and Urdu is compulsory destruction of the region's indigenous languages ​​and culture (some of which are Punjab, Sindhis, Pashto, Brahui) in all schools and educational institutions as part of the strategy. Education in Pakistan has seriously affected the language bias. According to a 2010 report of the British Parliament, which forced the Pakistan Urdu School and University non-Urdu speakers levy has resulted in degradation of the system and many Pakistan's indigenous cultural decline, in the reactionary rebellion against the ethnocracy rise (such as nationalism, Sindhis, Balochistan insurgency, etc.) partly responsible, and help the country disconent and political instability. The report also cited rising illiteracy rate in Pakistan between the indigenous and attributes, it was forced to impose Urdu in schools, leading to non-Urdu who feel neglected their language of education in Pakistan threat increasingly unwilling to participate in these schools.


Ilm ek esa zevar hy jo insan ki zat ko sanwarta hy achy bury mey pehchan karwata hy insan ko ashraf-ul-makhloqat ka darja sirf ilm ki badolat he hasil hy lykin aj k muashrey mey taleem ko darjo mey bant dia hy.
Larkio ki taleem sadio sy chalta hua ek esa masla hy jo pury tor par kabhi bhi hal nahi hua choty choty dehato mey kai larkian aj b apna naam tk nahi likh sktin.
Bachy ki pehli darsgah uska ghar hota hy or maa uski pehli ustad hoti hy or jb pehla ustad he esa ho jo khud taleem sy bebehra ho wo apni nasal ko kysy ilm ki roshni sy roshnas krwaskygi hmary muashry mey byti k mukably mey aj b byty ko tarjih di jany ki riwayat brkarar hy ye ek esa dardnak almia hy jo muashry ki jaro ko andar he  andar khokhla kr raha hy. taleem k muamluy mey b larki ki banisbat larky ko fokiat di jati hy larkio ko ly aksar ye khyalat pysh kiy jaty hyn k agar parh likh b gai to ghar dari he karni hy larki k mukably mey larky ki taleem par bhrpoor tawaja di jati hy isly ta k wo achi taleem k bad baasani barsr-e-rozgar hosky lykin taleem k bunyadi maksad ko nazar andaz kardia jata hy k taleem ka maksad sirf ek acha rozgar ka hasool nahi hy bal k taleem ka bunyadi maksad achy bury mey pehchan hy ilm-o-aagahi ka rasta insan ki zat k pehloun ko nikharta hy .
Larki ki taleem isly b zruri hy q k aagy chal kar ek puri nasal ko parwan chrhani ki zmydari hoti hy ek esa mazbot satoon jo akely he apni zmydario ko mukamal karni ki salahiyat rkhta hy magr afsos is mazbot satoon ko taleem sy mehroom rkh kar mafloj kardia jata hy sirf ek bodi si waja pysh ki jati hy k larkio ko ghar dari krni hy isly inhy zyada parhny ki kia zarurat magar dor-e- jadid k barhty huy takazo ko dykhty huy ghar dari ho ya dunya dari insan ki soch ki badolat he kamo ko ehsan tareky sy pay-e- takmeel tk puhnchaya jaskta hy taleem ki roshni aqal ko jila bakhsti hy.
Islami nukta nazar b dykha jay to islam mey orto ki taleem ki bar bar takeed ki gai hy larkio ny har medan mey khud ko sabit kia or apni hunar mandi ka loha manwaya hy kahin wo hukmran ban kar mulk ki bagdor smbhal rahi hy to kahin ek shaira ki hysiat sy zindagi k utar chrhao ko apny lafzo mey samo kar khubsurat moti bana rahi hy kahin wo apni zindagi ko insaniyat ki khidmat mey mamor krny k jazby sy sarshar hy or ye sab wo isly krpai hy k usy taleem ki khubsurat roshni sy roshanas krawya gya byta ho ya byti dono k ly taleem yaksan zarui hy ek puri nasal ki kamyabi or nakami ki zamin ek orat hy bacha agar apni ibtidai darsgah sy he shaoor-o-aagahi ka safar shuru kardyta hy to zindgai k dusry muamlat mey wo kamyabi ki manzily baasani ty krpata hy Larkio ki taleem ek kamyab muashry ki zamin hyn.

Sabk ilmo amal ka parhana 
Mey byti hun mjhko na tm bhol jana 
Na taleem sy hamy door rakhna 
Sabak ilmo aagahi ka sikhana
Komo ki izzat ki zamin hun mey
Isi bat par tm ab ye kol nibhana 
Sada taleem k zevar sy mjhko sajana.

Importance Of MBA Studies 

The importance of an MBA can not be underestimated. It is the world's most popular business qualification, is designed to provide students the understanding of the major business functions. MBA is to become the entry qualification, the higher management.
In some industries, it is becoming an essential qualification. It is almost impossible to work without a financial adviser or an MBA. There are also some companies only promote past a certain point, you if you have an MBA.           


MBA is a generic qualification, which may be related to your work, or it may just be an indicator, you can study at this level, and you are serious about your personal and professional development.
MBA is a showcase of your suitability and commitment of senior management and effective way. This is also the people have been guided by a technical or expert track, to show they are prepared for the role of senior management one of the best ways.


Importance of education in Pakistan

The importance of education in Pakistan is far from satisfactory. 3.5% of the students into the university degree, while the proportion of public universities is 0.6, 1.08, and vocational schools. However, Dean Madaris continue to attract large proportion of the population. Enrolled 15,500 children in the census Dean Madaris.

Increase membership and raise the standards of higher education institutions, world-class education, research and development center in Mexico, Pakistan, Higher Education Commission to take appropriate measures. He said that access, quality and relevance of the key challenges facing the higher education sector in Pakistan. In addition to formal and informal cooperation will need to convert into a powerful force in the global economy of Pakistan.

    "A State Of Complete Physical, Mental and Social well being and ability to Function and not Merely the absence of Disease or Infirmity"

School Health
          "School Health Services is a branch of Preventive Medicine which deals with Medical inspection of the School children and their Protection in the enviroment of the School"

Health Education
          "Health Education is a process that informs, motivates and helps people to adopt and maintain healthy practices and life styles, advocates enviromental changes as needed to facilitate this goal and conducts professional traning and research to the same end"

BA / BSc annual examination 2011, the university students enrolled in different universities intend to master level. Pakistan University and a master's degree granting institutions the right to publish admission notice 2011 BA / BSc exams result was announced.

Pakistan's public and private universities, mainly after the release of BA / BSc result of admission each year. Year BA / BS 2011 Punjab University Lahore results will be published in August 12, 2011, Pakistan is expected in August, Bachelor of results to other universities. Thus, within a few days, you can check the master's admission notice 2011.

All universities will be Pakistan's national newspaper to publish their admission notice. So you must remain with the major newspapers in your area contact to understand the admission of students to inform you want to institute. You can also go to university admission department to learn about enrollment.

Dear students, you can explore on the internet in 2011 examination admission notice the different universities in Pakistan. ilmkidunya provide you with a master's degree admission notice for all Pakistan's 2011 colleges, universities and degree-granting institutions. Dear students to keep in touch with ilmkidunya Master's admission notice published in 2011 as the organization of these notices.

Dear students, here I want to tell you one important thing to remember, apply for admission to master's degree. Students to submit the application form some of the documents, you should be prepared in advance.

Here is your list of documents required for admission.

     Proof copy of your CNIC.
     Your father / guardian a copy of proof of CNIC.
     Prove your qualifications, the photocopy of the student, if you do not get your BA / BSc result card, but you can take the results of Bachelor cards printed and submitted.
     Institute from your previous copy of the certificate to prove your character.
     Blue background (the number of students of different photos, Institute of Research, a research institute, usually require 4 pictures) passport size pictures.


 Mera Pakistan Scholar Ship

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